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Vor dem Knall

THE Feature documentary „Before The Bang“ (Orig. „Vor dem Knall“) IS A NON-PROFIT Film PROJECT, initiated by GRANVISTA MEDIA AND creatives, musicians, directors, photographers, cameramen, sound engineers and editors.  

STORYLINE: Two weeks before the G20 summit in Hamburg. The city prepares for one of the biggest international events in its history. Anger and powerlessness are paraphrases that are often encountered these days. Many citizens feel overwhelmed by the decision to host this summit in their city. And to give a stage to a political format which is attested a doubtful democratic legitimacy.

In the days leading up to the summit, various groups are calling for protests. And in the beginning it looks like a big happening. But the closer the summit approaches, the more the mood tilts and fear spreads as to where the protests might lead.

The issues linked to this summit are elementary: political upheavals, wars, overpopulation, human rights violations, refugee catastrophes and environmental problems are more acute than ever. There is also a state of great political instability. The established parties are often only marginally distinguishable, their approaches are similar, they lose their binding force. And the centre of society has changed. As a result of globalization, the lower middle classes are now among the losers.

How long will there not be a debate about democracy in Hamburg these days, whether in public places, in restaurtants, in buses, at home or at work? The non-profit film VOR DEM KNALL documents this mood before the summit. And wants to continue the debate in the net with the free provision of the film and all unabridged interviews from these days.

Year: 2018 / Award: Jupiter Award 2018, Nominated for „best Feature Film“ (national)